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VeryPVP Official Release Date

The VeryPVP Team is happy to inform you that the official VeryPVP release date is set to :

25 July 2021


VeryPVP Team


5 months ago

Future server releases will now be called releases and not seasons.

For example: Season 3, will be called Release 3 (R3).

VeryPVP Team

6 months ago

We are sorry to inform that we are unfortunately cancelling the release of VeryPVP Season 3 in 2020.

We prefer making the server good, than rushing it. Season 3 will be released in 2021. More news will be coming later.

VeryPVP Team

9 months ago

Season 3 is going to be released to the public after some delay on the previously announced release date.

The team has been working a lot to tweak some small details. Expect the server to release in the next few weeks !

10 months ago

Unban request necessary informations and rules.

Before posting an unban request, please read this.

Necessary Informations :

Why you got banned.

Why you want to get unbanned.

Lengh of your current ban.

When it happened.

Who banned you.

What rules you didn't respect. If you think you didn't brake any rules, tell us in your request.

Your opinion if you think your ban was fair or not.


Rules :

Do not insult staff.

Do not make a request if you were hacking/exploiting as it will be refused.

Do not write fake informations as we will be quickly finding out that the info was fake.

Don't put a completly stupid reason why you want to get unbanned.

about 1 year ago